We are OPEN for business!
No reservations are needed!
We offer pottery, stoneware, canvas, clay hand-building, and glass fusing on a walk-in basis. 

Pottery and canvas available as to-go kits.  


Walk-Ins Always Welcome

Fundraising Options Available

"Every artist
was first an amateur"


PaintSome POTTERY is an amazing art studio designed to bring out the creative side in everyone! It is the perfect spot to host your child's next birthday party, stop in for a fun activity with the family, or for a relaxing night out with friends.

We opened the studio in 1997, and it has been growing ever since.


We do not have a sitting or firing fee!


We don't just have pottery, we offer: Clay hand building, glass fusing, canvas painting, pallet boards, umbrellas, wine glass painting and more!

Same day options available!

 Pottery | Stoneware | Canvas | Glass Fusing | Clay 
BYOB AFTER 5PM  -  Pet Friendly

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